My thoughts based on the experiences on record linkage for hotel data

Source: Abstract vector created by starline

When data is fed into a system from multiple sources, it is essential to figure out duplicate data — or repeated occurrences of data — which ultimately is a determining factor on the quality of your system. If…

A small peek into life elsewhere.

The Gasbags on Jupiter, as envisaged by Sagan et al. as giant floating lifeforms [1], Source:

Greek mythology speaks of a story on the Origins of Life. In the story, life follows the birth of the Titans — six men and six female. The last of these Titans to be born was Cronus, who had Uranus’ (his father) genitals severed…


Designing a Distributed System (DS) is a task that requires careful speculation and rationale. It requires foresight accumulated through years of experiences (manifested through issues and failures) and knowledge (awareness) on contemporary technologies so that cost and effort complement the final outcome. Caution needs to be exercised especially when it…

Twenty-five years back, if somebody said that a mobile device will be able to recognize whatever the song that another device plays just by listening to it, it would have been a pure joke. It was not just a fantasy, but a mere mythological phenomenon. But so were most of…

A small journey through “our” universe.


Fourteen billion years ago, there was only chaos. Everything that we see, hear or touch today was inside a momentous point — a singularity. This was a point where time stood asymmetrical. The past beyond this point had no meaning. Now, a gigantic bang…

Working from Home is not all bliss.

Source: Business vector created by katemangostar —

TL;DR: Time-gaps extracted from the pre-pandemic eras shall not be forced (directly and/or indirectly) by the organizations to be allocated for work. They should encourage employees to fill such gaps to compensate for the social relationships the employees have lost. …

Thoughts on Mixed Reality


What do you do when you cannot see something? We imagine. We humans are really good at imagining, or visualizing something that we cannot observe in front of us. The answer to the question “what would Mars look like?” is very quick for our mind to come across. It won’t…

Personal takes (some researched) on Passion; let this be a guide to 2021.


Believe it or not, there are two kinds of babies born to this world: the ones which are told “Follow your passion”, and the ones whose fates have already been sealed and labelled. After those babies grow…

Key takeaways of connecting and working with Elasticsearch-Python interfaces for high data volumes on ETL processes.


When we’re designing an enterprise-level solution, one specific layer we take notes on is the data layer. A lot of data transactions take place these days, and there are a multitude of data-layer technologies…

On Copenhagen Interpretation


The Quantum Theory is a theory which manifests itself in the scale of the very small — we call this scale “The Plank Scale”. The Plank’s scale is defined by the Plank’s Constant, having a value of 6.62607015×10^(−34) Js (Jule-Seconds) and in equations, it’s symbolized by h

Dasun Pubudumal

Software Engineer, CSE Graduate @ University of Moratuwa

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